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Innovative accounting solutions for every aspect of your firmBԪַs operations.

Explore the DT Professional Suite products and services

DT Professional Suite is the most comprehensive line of integrated software, research and guidance available to the accounting profession. ItBԪַs everything you need to power smoother workflows, make more informed decisions, improve client service and achieve better results.

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The DT Professional Suite is an integrated set of solutions designed to save tax and accounting professionals TIME.

The DT Professional Suite products and services

Tax & Asset Management

DT Max professional tax software is designed for tax professionals with timesaving tools to ease tax preparation process and add value for clients.

DT Max Overview
Discover our Canadian tax software products for Canadian accountants.

DT Max T1
Complete more income tax returns in Less time with DT Max T1 professional tax software for preparers.

DT Max T2
DT Max T2 / CO-17 corporate tax software offers complete, accurate corporate tax preparation. DT Max T2 offers multiple years in a single software.

DT Max T3
DT Max T3 trust tax software for Canadian tax professionals who prepare tax returns for testamentary and inter vivos trusts, including graduated rate estates.

DT Max T5013
DT Max for T5013 / TP600 Partnership information returns software puts partnerships within reach of any tax professional.

Firm & Workflow Management

Accounting management solutions that help you manage your day-to-day activities with ease.

Onvio is a flexible, web-based platform for small to medium sized accounting firms that manages your workflow and keeps your firm connected.

DT Practice
DT Practice is a comprehensive, time-tested practice management software system, designed to meet all of your firm management needs.

DT Practice Project Management
Monitor every detail of your firmBԪַs projects and tasks in real time - keeping you fully informed and offering complete control over your workflow.

DT Practice Client Management
Gain the added ability to organize, store, and access all client interactions in a single location on your client dashboard for quick and efficient review.

DT Practice Staff Management
Manage and track accounting staff benefits and comp time, staff budgeting and targets, staff scheduling and much more - with total control.

Practice Forward
Grow your accounting firm while helping clients better than ever. Practice Forward provides proven methodology, guidance,BԪַand content solutions that accounting firms need toBԪַdevelop and implement an advisory services approach to engagingBԪַclients.

Document Management

Electronic document management solutions that will increase efficiency so you have more time to focus on providing top-notch client service.

DT FormMax
DT FormMax has a versatile document structure that makes finding, filing forms for individuals, corporations, partnerships and trusts fast and easy.

Ignition is the world's first client engagement and commerce platform for tax and accounting professionals. From impressive online proposals to automated engagement letters and payments, Ignition frees you up to focus on what matters most.

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