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Browse all of our events in one place, including virtual events, tradeshows as well as upcoming and on-demand webinars hosted by leading BԪַ experts

Events and Webinars
Type Format Event name Description Date Location
Virtual Event Live We invite you to join us to learn how HighQ assists law firms in driving productivity and delivering state of the art digital client experiences, all from one integrated platform. 04/07/2022 Online
Virtual Event On-demand Join us for an in-depth discussion and demonstration on how to use CaseLines from start to finish. In this session, you will get practical insights into CaseLinesBԪַ features in preparing for and sharing your evidentiary material, both at virtual hearings and in the courtroom.  03/02/2022 Online
Virtual Event On-demand Join us for this CPD Accredited webinar discussing recent trends and BԪַ updates in Commercial Real Estate and dealing with professional responsibility and practice management.  05/6/2021 Online
Virtual event On-demand Gain invaluable practical insight and understanding of the BԪַ issues from Practical Law Canada and Ernst & Young. 04/27/2021 Online
Virtual event On-demand Learn how to develop better litigation strategies as Ted Tjaden will share his insights on how you can save time while improving the quality of your pleadings, factum and research. 04/21/2021 Online
Virtual event On-demand Learn how you can utilize the resources on Westlaw and Practical Law to get to the answers you need - more efficiently and confidently, all in one place, so you donBԪַt have to spend endless time searching for the answers for your clients. 03/31/2021 Online
Virtual event On-demand Due to an increased need for online hearings and remote working environments, arbitration institutes have quickly pivoted to accelerate the digital processes required for arbitration cases. Learn the benefits of implementing an online case management system for your arbitration institute. 03/03/2021 Online
Virtual event Live SYNERGY 2021 Legal Join us for the first-ever SYNERGY Legal conference, the premier conference for BԪַ professionals who want to understand the future of the industry, learn the latest trends, and experience how tools and data-driven technology can transform their firms and roles.
6/1/2021-6/3/2021 Online
Virtual event On-demand Learn about the new OBԪַBrienBԪַs Encyclopedia of Forms on Westlaw Canada and how this will help you adapt to the new ways of working. 09/29/2020 Online
Virtual event On-demand Join us for this live webinar to learn the BԪַ and business implications on protecting your brand in cyberspace. 09/10/2020 Online
Virtual event On-demand Focusing on what the future of BԪַ work look like once there is a return to work and how the business and practice of law will be impacted. 06/10/2020 Online
Virtual event On-demand The session will focus on how BԪַ workflows for lawyers of all types are evolving. 05/29/2020 Online
Virtual event On-demand Learn how law firms and BԪַ departments can benefit from drafting and automating complex BԪַ documents while working remotely. 05/28/2020 Online
Virtual event On-demand The session will focus on how lawyers can maximize their work days, and avoid distractions and still provide excellent customer service while working remotely. 05/14/2020 Online
Webinar On-demand Learn how to strategize your litigaltion files from you remote office using a variety of solutions. 04/30/2020 Online
Webinar On-demand Join us for a discussion of what has changed and what remains the same, what to remember and what is new in commercial real estate law developments. 04/28/2020 Online
Webinar On-demand A panel will discussion on the impact of COVID on loan agreements and loan transactions. 04/07/2020 Online